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acres, both created small fires and one on the ridge was only about three by three. we're told the neighbors put that one out. investigators say with low winds it would have been impossible to create three separate fires. you can see firefighters. we're now in mop up mode. there are chain saws but the investigation is in full swing. >> federal marshals reviewing security measures after a bullet was found inside of a court house. it came to rest in the jury room. marshals at the building believe that might have been connected to a shooting on friday. the u.s. marshals will not comment on reports. the windows are not bulletproof.
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>> san francisco's archbishop standing firm on his decision to attend a controversial pro marriage march in washington, d.c. thursday. abc7 news is live at st. mary's with the story tonight. leanne? >> hey, dan. you know many hoped to convince the archbishop to stay, but in the end he did not listen to the requests. this is a man who believes marriage should be between a man and woman. meant to be a simple pass being. march to the catholic arch diocese, deliver 30,000 signatures asking san francisco's archbishop to skip the event in washington, d.c. >> regardless of the position on marriage, encouraging bigotry is
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unacceptable. the arch diocese told us it was only following protocol when an unscheduled demonstration is held outside. they found a gap in between the front door, tossing every petition that had been signed. a spokesperson came outside. but was interrupted by a demonstrator. >> it's sponsored by a group. here is a promotional video attending on thursday in washington, d.c. sponsored by national organization for marriage. >> archbishop feels this organization hosting this march is not hostile to gay people. >> he has stated that a marriage should be between a man and
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woman. and will reaffirm that before thousands in washington, d.c. despite requests from lawmakers like nancy pelosi to not attend. this morning, rainbow flag was flown for pride month. a jury sided with a whistle blower. the city will receive most of the $1.3 million verdict. a former supervisor discovered the company inflated numbers on how many tons of weight were being recycled every year they plan to appeal the verdict the jury cleared on other charges that employees ran a kickback scheme. >> a bill to create guidelines to rental sister evidence collected from rape kits
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advanced at the state senate. this after a series of abc7 news i team investigations into the fact the kits were not being entered into a national dna data base. one sheriff tells dan noyes why he believes that is not necessary. >> lawmakers delayed a vote on a law aimed at stiffening the punishment for minors convicted of sexual assault. the attack was then discussed on social media. it would impose a two-year sentence on minors convicted of certain sexual offenses. the bill must pass by the end of august before going on to governor's desk. >> uber and lift drivers teamed up to rally against two ride sharing laws
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they marched to urge lawmakers to reject the bills. one forcing drivers to have $1 million in coverage the moment they turn off the smart phones to look for lines the other bill requiring drivers to undergo drug and alcohol testing and background checks. >> this fall, voters could see competing ballot measures one measure allowing park projects to go through once they've been veted and approved the city has a $14 million plan by adding turf field, lighting and fencing. the group needs 10,000 signatures to get it on the ballot if both are approved the more with more votes would go into affect. >> and speaking of soccer, less
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than a week into the world cup we have proof of the sports rapidly-growing popularity in the united states. espn announced the game was the most-watched ever on the network. and the today's game just finished in the late game. brazil and mexico tied earlier. fans gathered to watch that game in san francisco at civic center plaza. we have a look at why the world cup has people talking. >> this is the biggest sporting event going on now. you would think fans would be able to rip their eyes away for just a moment.
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it's starting out to be the largest social media event in the world. there were big plays on big screens, and there is plenty of action on little ones. fans kept on eye on soccer and another on the smart phone. >> you take a look around, everyone has a phone out and either tweeting, face booking or instagramming. >> they haven't received data but during the match up, social media exploded. 10 million people were having 15 million interactions. and acovereding to twitter, the goal ignited a twitter sphere. this is a graphic of the tweets generated around the world. users generated 174,000 tweets per minute, making it the most-tweeted event of the game.
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and there is a different social media he preference. >> just instagram. you know? just let the pictures do the talking. >> jumping on social networks is now part of the global game. but not everyone is part of the watch and post crowd. when i'm watching don't bother me. >> espn is carrying matches live, australia plays netherlands at 9:00 in the morning. and spain and chile at noon. we want to see your fan photos. who do you think she's rooting for? up load them to our news app or
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abc7 report. >> it's fun. >> coming up a veteran gets a surprise. >> now, the situation changed coming up, the military mash up changing this man's live, forever. >> hot housing market. one city wants to turn a flip into a flup. >> from tools to toys and tents. michael fi
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>> white house says he was the mastermind of the attack on benghazi, captured by american troops after a raid in libya. the mission was a year in the
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making the president said it sends a message. >> that when americans are attacked we'll find those responsible and will bring them to justice. >> this attack killed the ambassador to libya ask three other men of the consulate. he's now on his way to the united states. >> there was a home coming. a family came home, having moved some times they say this is it. no more. they're done. there is a twist to this story. hi, wayne. >> not only a twist but a surprise that began with all of the flags outside of this house. he never expected these flags when he got home. it's very appropriate considering he's spent 21 years in the marine corps
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the other surprise was the condition of the house when he returned. after a trip home, all he wanted was an in and out burger. speechless after seeing the home that had been upgraded from the one bought in january. >> i knew it's going to take time, effort and money. >> it did. thank his boot camp who took a look at the place and deemed no retiring marine should return to such a mess he rounded up volunteers and money and put $70,000 of work into the house. >> 21 years retiring you don't deserve to come back to a house you have to spend a lot of your savings and time fixing it up.
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>> result is new floors, carpets, new fixtures and paint. and what a surprise for this veteran, now making a difficult transition to civilian life. >> we're proud of the schls you know? those guys didn't make it back. and that are -- that didn't make it in one piece they deserve this, not me. >> well, master sargeant your best friend and new community beg to differ. >> did you get your burger? >> not yet. no. >> wow. what a story. san francisco voters will get a chance to decide on a ballot measure tackling high costs of
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housing in the city. details unveiled this afternoon at city hall. this applies a transfer tax to anyone who buys a property then sells it for a profit. these will pay a 24% tax on the price if they sell that within a year of purchasing it. along the way they have evicted tenants and increase costs of housing >> a transfer tax dropped to 14% after five years and then, disappears after that. >> well, moving on you know libraries about a lot more than just books. >> yes. really changing. >> taking a look around your garage, you might find it full of toys there is a way to borrow stuff
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rather than buy it. >> at the ranger station in san people can borrow camping gear for free from the company alike >> there is a person that wants to go camping when all of their friends want to go camping. they don't own the gear yet. >> she says she the created their lending library. the packs are full of most everything you'll need to head out for the weekend. and everything fits into a larnl backpacking pack. >> we include a tent, two curtain tent. a chair and a bowl set. a set of cutlery. a bowl, a mug.
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>> if you live in berkeley you'll never have to buy your own tools since 1979, berkeley library has run a free tool lending library. >> we're almost like santa's helpers. we're kind of like the garage for them. >> robert young worked here 14 years and says they have more than 6,000 tools to check out. >> everything for gardening and plumbing. everything to renovate a home. >> i'm working on convicting a bus into a home to live in. so there is a lot of tools that are necessary. >> josh finds the library helps him because he doesn't have to stock up on tools of his own.
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this library has toys for children ages 0-5 years. parents can check out the toys as often as they like. >> take something else in there. we don't feel we're just wasting money. you know? there are several other toy and tool lending libraries around the bay area. >> that is a clever idea. >> we're going to turn from devastation to the west. i talked with david muir about that this afternoon. >> great to see you, cheryl, coming up another night of tornadoes. reports where they're on alert
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now. 50 million and a suspected mastermind captured. >> and david, you have more on why a famous tv doctor was called to capitol hill today. >> that is right. you saw this over all of the companies and weight loss claims why he's now joining the fight. you'll want to stay tuned for that. >> thank you. >> world news is coming up right after this newscast at 5:30. >> and now, looking at the breeze. >> you know, dan, cheryl there is a breeze blowing through. just a spectacular day looking towards the bay.
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clear skies on live doppler 7 hd. we're not going to find fog today. taking a look at temperatures they're in the positive. 16 degrees warmer in livermore. napa, san jose, nice looking day. 66 in san francisco. 70s in oakland. 59 in half moon bay. sunshine, 78 degrees high temperatures today. 79 in napa. 86 fairfield high temperatures so far, low 60s to mid-80s. nice-looking day. that is our hint of summer. clear overnight tonight, warming peaks tomorrow, summer arriving
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at 3:51 saturday morning. high pressure continuing to push in, and warming trend continues tomorrow, we'll see a little bit of a change. cold front comes in. cooler thursday and from and into first day of summer, saturday. here is a temperature trend for livermore. coming up above average of 81. then we're going to keep you close to average for the week into next week. tomorrow mosh morning mid-40s to upper 50s, mostly clear. you might see a few patches of fog. with a clear start it's going to be a cool one tomorrow afternoon, looking at sunshine and warmer weather. low 90s for warmest spots. into thursday morning. 84 with 90s in gilroy.
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82 in milpitas. 63 in pacifica and daily city. mild, sunny day. fog getting closer there. 63 bodega bay. in the east bay, we'll call it a warm one as well. inland spots getting hot. 90 in livermore, that is a sign of our summer micro climates for the wednesday accu-weather forecast. temperatures trending lower saturday. first day of summer. we'll keep you within a few degrees into next week. we expect good weather so enjoy
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it while it lasts. >> still ahead why the president is protecting a place that you've never heard of. >> this year in november it's going to be nine years i have not seen my mom. >> a woman that feels
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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american airlines announced a major reduction in flights to venezuela. the airlines say the government is withholding $4 billion in revenue owed to carriers around the world. american now has almost 50 flights per week to venezuela.
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not just american companies are departing venezuela. >> president obama says he will use his executive authorities to create what could be the largest marine preserve in the world. president george w. bush created the island marine national monument in 2009. he wants to expand it from 87,000 square miles to only ten times that. the area is teeming with fish and underwater mountains there. >> crews will spray for motorcycles in parts of san jose and campbell saying the county has the most confirmed cases in birds and mosquitos in california.
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they say it will take several hours >> california heartland how pieces of the central valley are now in the city. >> and how to see them firsthand we invite to you take a look at the top players and big play that's happened so far. back in a moment.
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oh i knew i forgot something... i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. takes two seconds, better safe than sorry right? yeah who knows if we'll even get service on the islands? what! no service? seriously? no electricity, we're going to make our own candles, we're going to churn our own butter. oh, we lost one. can't leave a bag unattended. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more visit
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tonight at 6:00 legislation law enforcement does not like. >> this is about local control >> explaining why a powerful agency is opposed to testing of untested evidence. >> and fallout in iraq's violence here in the united states. michael finney with some bad news and good advice. it's coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. and the singing competition that makes you the judge premiers sunday night on abc 7.
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now, you can down load the rising star app. the app is available now for free, on i tunes and google play. >> the walls of san francisco city hall have been transformed into an art gallery. >> yes. 100 photographs provide a glimpse into a part of society that is overlooked rural workers in the central valley. >> it captures contemporary live in the heartland. >> the works of nine photographers are featured. >> i'm trying to portray the people the same tools i use to shoot celebrities and make icons out of celebrities trying to show every day people with the same honor and respect. >> it's leak yated on the bottom level of city hall running until mid september. >> well worth checking out. >> that is going to do it for us >> from all of us here, have a
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good evening. welcome to "world news." tonight, on alert, bracing for tornados, more than 50 million in the path of the severe weather tonight after those rare twin twisters caught on tape. >> it's ripping up the whole town. >> we're on the scene, the search for survivors right now. the breaking news, u.s. special forces moving in, capturing the suspected mastermind behind the benghazi attack, how they pulled this off. brian ross is right here. dr. oz in the hot seat, why he was answering the tough questions about all those companies and their weight loss promises. dr. oz right here, why he's joining the fight. inside the fall. we hear from the women who fell as hundreds watched in horror, what we never knew, their remarkable story of survival.

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